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Any day now we are expecting the Abbott Government to launch a review of the Coral Sea Marine Reserve that we worked so hard together to achieve. We don’t yet know what this will mean for our jewel in the crown of the national network of marine reserves. But the review will be our opportunity to re-unite and remind the Government just how much we love our Coral Sea and want it protected.

Together we helped create the Coral Sea Marine Reserve, the largest highly protected area in the domestic waters of any country in the world. We walked this epic journey together with the support of scientists, fishers, conservationists, business leaders, celebrities and many others. We wrote thousands of letters, made phone calls, ran advertising where it mattered, held inspiring events and made history.

Your efforts created certainty for the Coral Sea, but the Government’s review is now creating doubt for the future of the Coral Sea and its magnificent offshore reefs, whales, turtles, sharks, and large ocean-going fish like tuna, barracuda and marlin. In the coming months the support of the community will once again be critical to ensure that this special part of Australia becomes a globally significant ocean legacy for generations to come. Stay tuned…


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Our campaign is supported by some great organisations, businesses and influential individuals who support the protection of Australia's Coral Sea.

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Email your local federal MP and let them know how you feel about protection of our Coral Sea's amazing marine life being suspended.

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